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Idolpopuk Photocard Booster Pack (3 photocards)

Idolpopuk Photocard Booster Pack (3 photocards)

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Idolpopuk Photocard Booster Pack 

Contents - 

- 2 Photocards, typically from albums or photocard sets. 

- 1 POB ( pre-order benefit) photocard. 

- 1 sticker pack. 

- Photocards will come in sleeves and toploaders. 

You can choose either a boy group or girl group photocard booster pack, please note that these packs are RANDOM and will be from any boy or girl group (soloist cards may also be included if they are originally in a group). 

*Please note that booster packs and booster boxes will not be eligible for refund or exchange*

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